7 Signs that Indicate Your Swimming Pool Needs Leak Detection

7 Signs that Indicate Your Swimming Pool Needs Leak Detection

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October 30, 2023
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Recognizing the Warning Signs: How to Detect Pool Leaks Early

Having a swimming pool is a luxury many homeowners enjoy. However, pools come with their own set of challenges, one of the most common being leaks. Detecting leaks in a timely manner can save a lot of money and prevent potential damage. In this guide, we’ll explore seven signs that your pool might be leaking and why leak detection is crucial.

1. Unexplained Water Loss

If you're frequently needing to refill your pool more often than usual, this might be a clear indication of a leak. Pools naturally lose water due to evaporation and splashing, but a significant decrease in water levels could mean something's amiss.

2. Increasing Water Bills

A sudden spike in your water bill without any significant change in water usage can be a tell-tale sign of a pool leak. Pools can lose thousands of gallons of water due to unnoticed leaks, leading to high costs over time.

3. Wet Spots Around the Pool Area

Noticing damp or overly saturated spots around your pool, especially in areas that should typically be dry? This might be an indication of a leak. Ensure to check your pool's surroundings for any unusual moisture.

4. Pool Deck is Lifting or Cracking

Over time, a leaking pool can cause the ground to become unstable. This can lead to your pool deck lifting, cracking, or even sinking in certain areas.

5. Presence of Algae and Cloudy Water

While algae growth can be due to various reasons, an unexpected outbreak despite proper chemical balance can indicate a leak. Leaks can dilute pool chemicals, making them less effective and leading to algae proliferation.

6. Air Bubbles in the Pool Pump

Air bubbles in your pool pump or return lines can be a sign of a suction leak in the pool's plumbing system. This means water is escaping somewhere between the main drain and the pool pump.

7. Fading Pool Liner

A pool liner that fades or wrinkles unusually can indicate that water is getting behind the liner, causing it to lose its elasticity and color.

Why Leak Detection is Crucial

Leaks not only result in water wastage but can also damage the pool's structure, the surrounding landscape, and even your home's foundation if left unchecked. Early detection can save you from potential costly repairs and ensure the longevity of your pool.

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